Starred restaurant to Narbonne, in Aude

History of La Table Saint Crescent

It is in the frame of the old oratoir rehabilitated of the middle age, that the restaurant La Table Saint Crescent open for the first time its door in 1995.

The imposing building takes a place in peripheral of Narbonne, town full of history, lined by the Robine canal.

Since 2008, when Lionel Giraud take the direction of this establishment en kitchen, La Table Saint Crescent beneficed of several phases of renovations. Works that have always been carried out with respect for this walls.

After the first realized the year of recovery, Lionel Giraud and his team rethink the decoration in 2014, for better comfort of its gourmets. It is a budget of about one hundred thousand euros which was invested to give a renewal to the building.

The dining room is modernized, the sanitary facilities and the private living room on the floor are adorned with the new floor bringing harmony to the spaces. No more tartan or bright colors for the terrace but a wooden floor with “Havana” inspirations and sobriety in the furniture transforming this space into a delicate and elegant setting.

Table ambience

Exposed stones, lights arch and period arcades rub shoulders with the design of lighting, furniture and tableware. A surprising and harmonious association that deliciously accompanies your meal at Table Saint Crescent.

This atmosphere, full of history and modernity, combines a warm and "casual" atmosphere. The dishes follow one another in a refined ballet of colors and flavors while the indoor team is benevolent and discreet, always listening to you. All under the art photos of dishes signed Lionel Giraud 

Atmophere on the room

Terrace and garden

As soon as the weather is fine, it is on terrace that you have appointment. Shaded, it overlooks the garden of the restaurant. Enjoy the Languedoc sun for a break at the end of the meal to lounge in the jardin of La Table Saint Crescent.

Terrace and garden

Our philosophy

Our values and missions, in ten fundamental principles :

  1. Emotion : We make every effort to ensure that your time at  La Table Saint Crescent is a source of emotion. An unique moment that will engrave your memories.
  2. The product : All our products are selected from local suppliers respectful of the seasons and who share the same values as the Chef. A commitment to quality that we are proud to hold throughout our culinary reflections. And so that freshness, quality and taste are systematically at the date, we propose an exclusive card of food, which evolves regularly.
  3. La Creativity : The dishes signed Lionel Giraud amaze and captivate. Evolving with the seasons and also years, the cuisine of the starred chef will enchant you with each of your passages in our restaurant. Creativity, authenticity and balance: these are the 3 closely related keywords that guide the chef's inspiration. 
  4. Inventiveness : because renewing oneself is part of our fundamental principles. Whether it's through the menu, the services offered, gift certificates, decoration ...: to be renewed every day is the assurance of marveling at each of your visits.
  5. Reception : The all of team is happy to welcome you and advise you throughout your meal. Food pairing, choice of menu, accompaniment on the organization of an event ...: we reserve you a privileged welcome, worthy of the biggest houses.
  6. Know-how and know-how: : Chef Lionel Giraud is keen to share his love of gastronomy with you. That's why he does not hesitate to share his knowledge in cooking ... and on social networks.
  7. Men : They are the soul of the restaurant, those without whom it could not exist. Men and women with professionalism and assertive values work both indoors and in the kitchen, always for your pleasure.
  8. Sharing : So that your rest is a real moment of sharing, we accompany you and advise you, whether for a group meal, a reception, a candlelight dinner...
  9. Aesthetics : In the choice of decoration, the graphics of the dishes and their dressing, the photographs that decorate the walls ... Each element of the restaurant is the subject of a deep reflection, a choice based on aesthetics and beauty which goes hand in hand with the high quality of our cuisine.
  10. Respect : Essential, respect is at the heart of our principles. It involves the production of a menu of seasonal dishes, respectful of the product and the work carried out by the chef and his brigade. It is also invited in the dining room, in the service that accompanies each of your meals. All in the best value for money.
The chef in kitchen and his team